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Can’t get your safe open? Have you forgotten your combination or lost the keys to your safe? Call 682 Locksmith now for Safe Cracking services. Call 682-300-2286! our technicians are highly skilled in safe cracking and know exactly what to do to open each individual safe. All of our technicians are locally certified, trained, and experienced in all aspects of safe cracking methods.

Safe cracking is the process of opening a safe without using the code. Cracking open safes has been around for many years and many new methods of safe cracking have been developed. There are a number of reasons you may need to call a locksmith to crack open your safe. You may have forgotten or lost the combination, had a fire, experienced a burglary, or have your safe lock malfunction. There are a few different methods for safe cracking. These methods include prying the safe open, cutting the safe open, scoping the safe, and drilling into the safe. Prying your safe open is the most oldest way to open your safe without using the combination. If your safe is of high quality, simply attempting to pry it open will not work. Gaining entry into a safe by prying with force is not as simple as you may think. Eventually, if you put enough energy, time, strength, persistence, and dexterity, you may be successful in prying open the safe. However, that would be a long and stressful process.


If you need your safe open, your best option is to call a certified locksmith company. 682 Locksmith offers safe cracking services. Our certified locksmith technicians are experienced and well-trained in safe cracking using cutting, scoping, drilling, or manipulation. Cutting open a safe causes damage to the safe and makes the safe inoperative. Cutting a safe using a saw or torch is a common and easy way to access the contents inside the safe. A professional Locksmith technician can open your safe through cutting without causing any damage to the contents inside. Cutting can be somewhat messy therefore, it is not always the first choice of the locksmith. A high-quality safe may have a layer of copper to slow down the heat of the torch and cause the cutting process to take longer. This is for burglary prevention and protection of the safe. Locksmith technicians at 682 Locksmith use specialized torching devices to cut through the copper. Tar is also sometimes utilized in the walls of a safe and will cause a lot of smoke to fill a room when heated. This is another method of attack and burglary protection. Our certified locksmith technicians are trained to handle all kinds of potential barriers that may be in your safe. Our technicians are highly trained in all the different methods used to protect a safe and how to work their way around or through them.

Drilling your safe open is a common method used by professional locksmith technicians for safe cracking. If your safe is electronic or resistant to manipulation then using a drill to open the lock is the best approach. Drilling is the most practical method used to open a safe. You must be a skilled locksmith professional in order to drill a safe in the correct places and not cause damage to the internal contents of the safe as there are many potential complications.

Let The Professionals Help

Call 682 Locksmith Arlington at 682-300-2286! Our customer service representatives will send a technician your way, right away! Feel free to contact us and schedule an appointment for a certified locksmith to come to you and open your safe. Manipulating a safe to open it is also a common safe cracking method. Safe manipulation is the process of assessing the potential code combinations and attempting to manipulate the cylinders in order to pop open the lock. Some safes give a microsound or some amount of resistance when they are on the correct number or letter. Safe manipulation requires a high level of experience and requires the safe to have some kind of built-in resistance when on the correct letter or number. While safe manipulation may be attempted at first, it is usually not the preferred method for locksmith technicians. Safe manipulation can only work on basic, mechanical safes.

682 Locksmith technicians are highly trained and complete monthly and annual recurrent training on safe manipulation and safe cracking. Each lock and safe is unique and will require a unique procedure for cracking. Generally, our technicians at 682 Locksmith utilize either safe manipulation or drilling to open your safe.

If you need you’re safe cracked in Dallas Fort Worth or the surrounding areas then you have come to the correct place. Call Now 682-300-2286!